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Mels Drive-In checks all the boxes for intelligent investment! Fans of the #1 diner and drive-in in the world can't get enough of the unique Mels dining experience from early morning to late-night.

The Mels menu, brand, loyalty, and social media appeal is growing organically world-wide. Our restaurants have held private parties for Arnold Schwarzenegger, Suki Waterhouse, Al Pacino, Snoop Dogg, Simon Miller, Diddy, Lana Del Rey, and countless other stars. Everyone loves Mels. Because our iconic quality menu, Mels restaurant sees people from all walks of life.

Key markets are available for exclusive area development if you act now.



Mels leadership team, development specialists and trainers work directly with you to locate, design, develop, open, and operate our efficient family casual dining restaurant.

Location Development Support

  • Comprehensive 3-week HQ and 2-week onsite training

  • Technology based national site selection

  • Interior design and construction support

  • Grand Opening planning, support, and marketing

  • Innovative traditional and digital marketing initiatives

  • Strong social media programming and guidance

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    One would assume that inspiring a George Lucas film would be enough. However, in addition to American Graffiti, Mels has also been credited with inspiring two incredibly successful TV shows, ABC’s “Happy Days”, featuring “Arnold’s Drive-In” and CBS’s “Alice” featuring the similarly named ”Mels Diner.” Mels Next Generation brand position known world-wide. We serve up the finest meals and baked goods in the industry, consistently recognized for our quality, customer service, and vision. We’re moving full steam ahead to bring even more excitement to markets nationwide.
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